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Saturday, January 28, 2017

We awoke to 8 inches of new snow this morning.  I measured almost 4 inches yesterday (Friday) morning, so this storm has dumped at least a foot of snow on us.  This is not troubling because the snow is light and although it's sticking to the trees, it isn't weighing them down, so more power outages are not likely.  This is a fairly typical January snowstorm that makes skiers, boarders, snowmobilers and a few other people really happy. 

The snow has stopped falling for the time being, but I believe we are expecting more tomorrow.  The wind blew some last night, but today it's been fairly calm.  Fred took some pictures when he was finished clearing the snow from the driveways.  Jamie had plowed with "The Peach" so all Fred had to do was cut those nice vertical sidewalls to keep the driveways nice and wide.  The top picture is the driveway to our neighbor's - Jamie and Marie's splits off of that on the left about half way up, and Fred did that, too.  You can see the approach to our deck is looking more normal for January.

Yesterday Tom Dente called my attention to the news release about  Richard Leblanc drowning at Willoughby Lake this past week.  Lake Willoughby is like a fjord, long, narrow and very deep and is one of the last lakes in our region to freeze over each year.  Add to that Mr. Leblanc was on the ice near the outlet at the north end of the lake, where the more rapidly flowing water which means the ice would be thinner there.  He was ice fishing, so it's curious he wasn't aware he was literally "on thin ice."  It's tragic when something like that happens.  He was 62.

We have been so very lucky that we've had no such accidents here at Joe's Pond.  With the constant temperature swings and rainy periods, the ice here could be compromised, so anyone going out on this pond, or any other body of water, should be extra careful.

This month's Cabot Chronicle has some very useful information for Cabot voters.  The current issue isn't posted yet, but keep checking www.cabotvermont.org/cabot-chronicle.  The information posted there will help voters make decisions before the March meeting.  

Also in the Chronicle this month is an article on page 4
by Joe's Ponder, Andy Rudin.  I was able to scan the article to include here - click to make it larger.

We were very happy Andy did this for us, and urge anyone who has memories of people or places in Cabot (or the Cabot side of Joe's Pond!) to get in touch with either the Chronicle or with me.  I happened to have in the Historical Society collection several pictures of the Thompsons at an auction and was able to pick one that fit perfectly with the story.  

I'm interested in finding articles or newspaper clippings about the 1927 flood in West Danville.  We've found only one short reference saying water was three feet over the road and nearly took out the bridge - so surely someone must have taken pictures or saved newspaper clippings, and we would like to include information about that in the West Danville history book.  That was the same year work was completed improving and paving the road through West Danville.  If you have anything about any of the above, send an e-mail to:  janebrowncabot@gmail.com, or give me a call, 802-563-2381.  Many thanks.

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