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Sunday, January 08, 2017

The temperature is below zero again tonight - it was something like minus 5 last night and may be slightly colder tonight.  I didn't venture outside all day.  I was busy at my computer, so that was a good excuse not to have to go out.  I was tempted when the sun was so nice in the morning, but shortly after lunch time we began to lose our nice day.  The temperature continued to move downward from then on.

Woody, our cat, has not teased to go outside at all today.  He usually at least goes into the garage a few times, but I think he senses it's really cold.  When it warms up even a little, he'll be pestering again.  He hasn't caught on that the kitty door is locked at night now so he can't roam further than the garage after dark.  We are especially glad we don't let him outside at night now because our neighbor has seen a bobcat at least a couple of times recently and thinks there were tracks where two crossed the road about by Randall's driveway.  There have been other reports of bobcat sightings in Cabot recently.  They are looking for food like all the other wild animals, and will definitely take house cats or small dogs, given the chance.  We have no intention of letting Woody become some animal's lunch.  I really wish I could somehow make him understand we are protecting him, not punishing him.  

Keep warm and safe yourself, and do the same for your animals.  It's going to be very cold for the next few days and nights. 

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