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Monday, January 30, 2017

Ok - I want to start you off with a good laugh.  Turn on your speakers and click on this video:  Dog video.  Jamie sent it to us this morning saying he'd just watched and got a big kick out of it - I think you will, too.  Clever.

Back to serious stuff.  We've all been wondering what is going on at the old Joe's Pond Country Store site and today we saw that someone was working there, so Fred and I stopped.  It is going to be beautiful - an eatery serving breakfast and lunch, and they plan to be open sometime in March.  The proprietors will be Caleb Clark and his mom, Lynda Markison.  Caleb told us they will be calling it "Three Ponds . . ? . ."  - they haven't decided on what will come after, choosing from "eatery," "diner," "Good Food,"  or something else.   There will be a counter, hi-top seats and regular tables that will accommodate 17 customers, plus take outs.  Caleb has worked about 16 years in various restaurants. He told us after graduating UVM, he went to Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY, so he has a good foundation in food preparation and service, and the plan is to focus on comfort foods.

Caleb grew up in the Danville area, so many of you probably already know him and his mom.  We were impressed with his friendliness and enthusiasm and wish them well.

The north side of the building is not rented yet, but we stepped inside and it's very nice.  We didn't have the presence of mind to take the camera to get pictures, but we'll try to do that some other time.  For now, it's good to know the building will once again be occupied with a business.

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