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Tuesday, January 03, 2017

January Thaw!

Here we are in a nice new year with foul weather coming at us like an angry bull with attitude.  I have been listening to the scanner to find out what the road crews are preparing for, and it's everything.  They expect rain, freezing rain coming in from the west creating varying degrees of slippery roads.  All this is starting in the Champlain Valley area about now and will arrive in our area at about 4 p.m., according to the VTrans report.  Conditions will vary from rain to snow and everything in between, making driving hazardous especially tonight into tomorrow.  The rain will be turning into snow and temperatures will drop dramatically by Thursday and aren't expected to moderate until Tuesday.  The kind of precipitation we get will depend on elevation.  Some places are warmer than others so it will be rain, but the temperature is going to drop at night making conditions more hazardous. This messy weather will continue through the weekend and there will be some nights below zero and days will remain in the teens or single numbers above.  It seems there could be a little snow each day, except freezing rain on Wednesday.  None of this will be hitting southern New England.  This is good news for Massachusetts and Connecticut folks who have been burdened with more snow and bad weather the past couple of winters than they deserved.  I heard from Tom Dente this week and he said there is no snow in Connecticut.  There's still lots of time left before this winter is finished - they may still see some snow.

It's been mild today - low to mid 30's - so it's possible we'll get more snow than rain.  We'll hold onto that thought!


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