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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

I received from Andy Rudin a link to a story on billy barr.  No, I didn't forget to capitalize his name - that's the way he wants it.  I read the article and it was very interesting.  I don't mind being alone - sort of; but I'm sure I would never have managed being in the back country of the Colorado Mountains all by myself - ever!  I do understand his fascination with recording weather and other natural trends.  I've done a little of that, but decades of it?  Amazing.   My once-a-day recording of precipitation pales by comparison.

After I finished the article, I searched the internet as I often do when I find something or someone that interests me, and I found a short video made of billy barr.  I enjoyed hearing what his voice is like and seeing more of his home and surrounding area. 

As usual, I trudged out a little before 9 a.m. to measure snowfall this morning.  Fred had already been out shoveling and snow blowing, so I had very little snow to clear - when he shovels the deck, he is careful to leave the patch where I measure snow. 
It's been warmer today - mostly in the high 20s and low 30s.  We got 3.5 inches of snow during the night, and have had snow showers today, but not much buildup.  So far, no rain.  We're due for a warming trend tomorrow, I guess, but hopefully it won't take away too much of the snow cover.  I saw 13 inches at my back yard stake this morning - but I haven't actually gone out and poked a yard stick into the snow to get a more precise measurement.  Maybe this weekend . . .

Can you believe January is nearly gone?  Seems like we just had Christmas, and here it is almost a month past.  We'll be mowing lawns again before we know it.  One harbinger of spring is seed and garden catalogs.  I was reminded of that because one was put in the Joe's Pond Association mailbox by mistake, so it's here on my desk until we can get it back down to the post office.  The photos of perfect vegetables - tomatoes, peppers, summer squash - give me a little twinge that says, "Maybe I should plant a garden this year."  But if I do, it will be a tomato plant in a tub, or something simple.  The idea of a garden always appeals to me until I remember all the work it takes to make it successful.  And the even more work it takes to preserve the harvest if it is successful.  When I get real again, I prefer farmers' markets or the grocery store.

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