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Monday, December 19, 2016

We've had a cold day, but the sun was shining all day and it was beautiful - especially inside looking out!  We stayed in the single digits above zero well into the morning after about a -6 degree low overnight.  I think it was about noon when we saw 10 above.  I was busy baking, so had a good excuse not to do my usual hike up Jamie and Marie's driveway.  It's not that I was wimping out exactly, but I broke my earmuffs the other day and I hate wearing hats - stirs up the static electricity and gives me a bad hair day - so I figured I'd save myself the frustration and enjoy my warm kitchen.  Fred didn't mind - he got warm cookies at lunch.  Fred took these pictures early this morning.  The top two are West Shore Road at the bottom of our driveway; the bottom one is looking across the pond towards Route 15.  There wasn't a cloud in the sky and it looks warm, but was still below zero.  I don't think tonight will be quite as cold as it was last night.

We exchanged e-mails with our friend Michael in Alaska today.  He said this cold spell had been with them for several days, but now it has moderated up there.  We think that's the same weather system we have had so perhaps their warmer weather will get to us later this week.  Today in Anchorage the temperature was in the mid 20s while we were barely in the teens.  I looked at their forecast and they will be getting another downward swing in a few days.  

We haven't seen our flock of turkeys for almost a week.  They must be having a hard time finding food since it rained and froze.  This picture was the last time we saw them here at our house.  Now there is a crust on everything.  They may be up above us on the farm.  Someone told us they have sheep up there now - or maybe it was goats.  Anyway, farms are a good place for them to find food.  We wish them luck.

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