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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

We are experiencing another of those pretty drastic temperature swings right now.  From being below zero day before yesterday, today we were in the low 40s.  The temperature has dropped to freezing now, and it's going to be a fairly cold night.  Everything was icy this morning from the rain freezing on the still very cold ground and pavement.  We've also had lots of wind. That seems to be dying down a bit now the sun is gone, but it's still pretty gusty.  

We've had a turkey or two hanging out for the last couple of days, both here and up at Jamie and Marie's.  I imagine as the weather turns colder there will be a significant crust on the snow and that will make foraging difficult for them.  

I had .40 in. of precipitation in my measuring tube this morning.  The rain came down fairly heavily for a while during the night, but mostly I heard the wind.  I was surprised and happy we didn't lose power.  The snow is off all the trees now, so that makes it less likely the limbs will bend or the trees will fall over and take down  power lines. We'll see what tomorrow brings - snow, we expect!

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