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Sunday, December 25, 2016


We hope you are enjoying a very Merry Christmas!  The Dimick/Brown family had their annual Christmas Eve gathering at the Waterford, Vermont Dimick's last night.  Of course we took lots of pictures, and we were otherwise occupied and didn't get lots of potentially wonderful shots, but I've made a short SLIDESHOW to share with you.  When we arrived in late afternoon, Monika had been called to the hospital to resolve some equipment problem in the x-ray department, but she made it back in time for a great dinner.  Unfortunately, she missed the fun of opening presents - but we caught her up on everything as best we could.

A classmate of Jo-Ann's at White Mountain School, Edner Oloo, is spending the holiday break with Jo-Ann.  Edner is from Kenya, so going home for Christmas was out of the question.  We were very happy to have her share our family Christmas.  You'll see her at the beginning of the slide show, sitting quietly on the stairs with Uncle Bob in the foreground - later on you'll see her with Jo-Ann and Tangeni as they share Christmas gifts.  Aunt Theresa and Aunt Marie, Uncle Jamie and Grandpa and Grandma all show up in the slide show, but Monika missed getting photographed!  Bill was chef for the evening, with help on the grill from Brother Bob.  We all had a wonderful time with lots of laughs.  Tangeni learned about the fastest joke in the world, and we suspect Edner may have wondered if life in the Dimick family is always that zany.  It always is when everyone gets together.  We laughed a lot, ate way too much, but had a great time.  Today, Grandma and Grandpa are quietly recovering.  Time for a walk in the beautiful sunshine.  

We wish everyone a beautiful and safe Christmas Day with friends and/or family you love!

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