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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Ice Fishermen are Here!!

This message came from Henretta Splain this morning (Clubhouse Circle): 

Early this am saw car lights pointed on the pond from the end of Island rd.  When I woke up I see an ice hut on the pond looking toward camp swampy.  
Happy holidays
Thanks for letting us know, Henretta!
(P.S. - I just had a note from Henretta saying sometime late this afternoon the ice hut was gone - apparently it was not meant to be a permanent fishing shanty.) 
Last week someone asked me how soon I thought the ice fishermen would be out on the pond, and now they are there!  I'm guessing in most places there is plenty of ice after these several below-zero nights and continued cold days.  However, there is that same strip near the east shore that was open for quite a bit longer than the rest of the pond, so I wouldn't trust the ice there for a while yet. 
Today has been cold and blustery again.  We've had another 5- 6 inches of new snow (I measured 3.5 this morning at around 9:30) and it was snowing until mid-afternoon.  Fred cleared the driveway again just before dusk and thinks we got at least 6 inches last night and today.  I think the wind has died down now, and the temperature is supposed to continue rising during the night.  We've been in the teens all day, but now I'm seeing 20 degrees on the weather station.  I hope we don't get rain, but even if we do, I believe we have enough snow on the ground so no bare spots will show up.
The Cabot Historical Society now has a column in the Cabot Chronicle called "Cabot Arcana."  Each month we publish some story from Cabot's history, either an event or about a person who lived here.  We would like to have anyone who has a Cabot connection write a few paragraphs (approximately 400 words) to tell their story of growing up here, going to school in Cabot, visiting a special spot or perhaps something about a relative who lived in Cabot.  I can't promise that your story will be published, but we are looking for fresh ideas for our column.  All submissions will become the property of the Cabot Historical Society and will be added to our collection.  Photographs are wonderful additions to any story and if you send originals, they will be returned after we have scanned them.  Good quality digital copies are also acceptable.  Material may be sent to me at cabothistorical@gmail.com or to CHS, 640 W Shore Rd., Cabot VT 05647.  
We are sorry to report that Dot Temple, long-time JPA member on West Shore Road passed away on December 12th.   Dot spent many summers here with her family and had many friends at Joe's Pond.  We will miss her.  Our sincere condolences to her family.  Friends who wish to send messages may direct them to:  Jeff Temple, 20 Edgewood Dr., Rutland VT 05701.

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