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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Complete change in our weather, from near zero yesterday to 40ish today and rain.  Some of our snow has diminished, but no bare ground is showing, and tonight the temperatures are back in low teens and we got a sifting of new snow as the temperature dropped late this afternoon.  Now everything is crispy and slippery.  The roads were treacherous today - icy spots, slush and too many people going too fast for conditions.  I think we are again due some cold weather for a few days until the middle of this week.  I heard one report today that in some parts of the country they haven't seen cold like this since 1996.  In the Dakotas it's been -37 degrees without the wind chill and -50 or more with it.  Brrrrrrr - that's cold! 

I am very pleased that we already have an article in response to my mentioning writing for the Cabot Chronicle.  I won't divulge the author or when it will be published, but it is just what we are looking for.  You can read the Chronicle on-line - the Arcana column of the Cabot Historical Society is on page 5 of the current issue.  You'll find other articles in back issues.

I know you're out there, you people with funny or interesting stories to tell about Cabot, and I'm hoping you will share them with us.  It doesn't matter if you've never written anything for publication before.  We're interested in stories, not style.  Also, if someone you know has connections to Cabot and stories to tell but doesn't read this blog, please let them know we'd like to hear from them.  

In the meantime, stay warm and safe.  


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