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Sunday, November 20, 2016

We have snow on the ground - about an inch of it, I think.  It isn't sticking to the roads, but it is on the grass and some of the trees.  We haven't had very cold temperatures all day, but it has been very blustery and not pleasant at all to be out and about.  So I stayed in.

Yesterday we took advantage of the nice weather and took a long walk in our woods.  It was so nice up there, and Jamie had been out bush-hogging the main trail along the hillside, so for quite a distance we had very good walking.  Then it got a little dicey, but just a matter of small saplings, fallen trees, mud and lots of navigating around areas too difficult.  The picture at the top is the easy part of the trail.  We were too busy clearing fallen branches and small downed trees out of the path to take pictures.  We cleared away some of the obstructions so when Jamie goes out again to continue with the mower, it will be easier for him to get through.  

The trail follows the side hill the whole length of our property, and as you can see, there are some really nice views of the pond from there.  We had to cut our walk short because when the sun dipped behind the hill above us, we knew it would be dark very soon, and we didn't want to be floundering around in rough country in the dark.  We were both tired when we got back, but it was great to be out there and check on everything.  Whenever we go up there, we find some new tree is down or there are moose tracks or bear scat.  We didn't find anything very unusual this trip.  If we get plenty of snow this winter, it will be much easier traveling on our trails with our snowshoes - and walking over the underbrush that trips us up this time of the year.

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