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Monday, November 14, 2016

I hope you will all be watching the "super moon" coming up over the horizon tonight.  The sky was very clear last night and it looks as if that will be the case again tonight.  Tonight is the official supermoon, I believe, but last night it seemed unusually large in the sky, especially when it is right at the horizon.  I didn't see it until it was high in the sky last night, but I was very aware that it was unusually bright, too.  It lit up outside the house nicely.  I'll watch more closely tonight.  It is directly opposite the sun at this point, so as the sun sinks in the west, the moon will be rising in the east.  I don't expect to be around to see it when it happens again in 2034, so I guess I'd better pay attention now.  I was around in 1948, but wasn't aware of it.  That was my first year in college - business school in Burlington - and I had more things to think about than watching the moon on a cold November night.

We had a surprise visit from our nephew and his 10 year old daughter on Saturday.  We went to Goodfellas in Danville for a bite to eat, and had a very nice time.  Arlenis is a sweet little girl, and we were reminded of our own 10-year old granddaughter when she arived from Namibia seven years ago.  It's amazing how time flies by.  We don't see them often because they live in New Jersey and don't get up this way often.

Today was another very nice day, exceptionally warm for November.  I was inspired to finish washing windows, and we got all of them done.  Except for some work still to do in the flower beds (which I've about made up my mind can wait until spring), we are ready for winter.  Time to think about other things.  Already we have Thanksgiving almost here and then Christmas will be right around the corner.  Holidays are great fun, but exhausting to think about . . .  

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