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Friday, November 11, 2016

I found this item on Front Porch Forum tonight.  Henry Burke is our neighbor up on the Plain and a high school student at Cabot School.  Perhaps we can help with this project.  Henry did not contact me to put this on the blog, but I really liked the idea, so just in case someone has one of these gadgets, I thought it was worth the space to let you know about his project.

Here's his post:

Do you or any of your friends or family members have an iPod Shuffle that is no longer used? Would you like to donate it to a worthwhile cause right here in Vermont?
I have begun a collection drive for these iPods for the Vermont Veterans Home. They are a Music and Memory certified organization. I am doing this as a service project for my senior year in high school.
The Music and Memory program collects iPod Shuffles - the small, square iPod with no screen - and donates them to nursing homes and care centers for Alzheimer's patients. Studies have shown that listening daily to music from a period in their life that was meaningful helps "unlock lost memories" for those patients.
If you would like to donate a used iPod Shuffle to this cause you may drop it off at the Cabot School office or at the Cabot Creamery Visitor Center. If that is not convenient for you, I can also pick it up. Please email me. If you don't have an iPod to donate, but would like to help, you can also purchase an iTunes card in any denomination, and that will go to the Vermont Veterans Home, as well. Your donated iPod will be stripped back to its factory settings.
To learn more about this worthwhile cause, you can see excerpts from the award winning movie "Alive Inside" on YouTube (search "Alive Inside Official Trailer" or "Story of Henry - Music and Memory project") or listen to a podcast about it on NPR.
Thank you.  Henry Burke  -  henrysburke@gmail.com

I'm not familiar with the iPod Shuffle, but it seems like a nice idea, especially since they will be recycled for Veterans, nursing home and Alzheimer's patients.   We all know how important certain music is or has been in our lives.  Excellent project, Henry.

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