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Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Good Morning, All -
That was quite a night, wasn't it?  I'm sure some of you stayed up at least to get a feeling of where the election was heading, but who knew?  I was up around 2 o'clock and checked in - Trump was ahead at that point 147 to 115, and was leading in most of the few remaining states that hadn't been counted.  I wasn't surprised when Fred told me this morning Trump had won.  I think lots of people feel sort of like we perhaps dodged a bullet but stepped over a cliff.  The whole world may be in free-fall for a short time, but I'm sure things will steady.  Seeing some clips of Mr. Trump this morning, I'd have to say the man is like a chameleon; the tough rhetoric is being replaced this morning with conciliatory remarks about people pulling together and his willingness to negotiate.  He even praised and thanked Hillary for her years of service.  This is Trump being presidential, I guess.  With enough sensible and knowledgeable people in his cabinet, he should be able to do the job.

It will be interesting to watch as time goes on - who will be cabinet members, what immediate changes will take place, if any, and on the lighter side, how Melania will adapt to being First Lady.  We have lost the awful campaign ads and angry debate exchanges, now hopefully replaced with serious business, but there will probably be lots more political maneuvering.  I have no doubt we'll see a different Donald Trump - at least on the surface.

I remember when Ronald Reagan was elected, I thought he was a lightweight actor who was unlikely to be much of a president, but when he left office he had approval ratings as high as  FDR's and Bill Clinton's when they left office, and he will remain one of the great presidents in our history.

Not that I'm any judge in these things - I'm just remembering, trying to find some glimmer of hope that things will turn out ok this time, too.  For every new president, the job ahead must be daunting.  Not a job most people would want.  Only time will tell how President Trump will be remembered.

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