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Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Hidden Half of Nature: Microbial Ecology
Tuesday, October 25 from 7 to 9 p.m.
at the Goddard College Haybarn Theater
MacArthur Fellow and geologist David R. Montgomery and biologist Anne Bikle, authors of The Hidden Half of Nature: The Microbial Roots of Life and Health will present exciting new information about the microbial ecologies in the soil and in our bodies. Farmers, gardeners, foresters and all those who have a body will find this fascinating. By donation.  Cosponsored by the Cutler Memorial and Jaquith Libraries, Natural Marshfield, and the Conservation Commissions of Marshfield and Plainfield and hosted by Goddard College. 

Susan Green
Jaquith Public Library
122 School St. RM 2
Marshfield, VT 05658
We attended the special town meeting in Cabot tonight to decide if large budget items should be voted by Australian ballot at next March meeting.  This issue has come up before and been rejected.  Tonight the voters turned out in force and both town and school budget items will be by Australian ballot in March.  The main argument against the change was that it would in effect end town meeting as we know it and budget matters would not get thoroughly discussed as has been the case when voted on the floor of the meeting.  One of the main reasons cited for changing the way we vote these items was that it's more democratic because people will be able to vote by absentee ballot, and only Australian ballot items can be voted in absentia; therefore, Cabot residents who are working, indisposed or traveling when March meeting is held will  be able to vote on these important money items.  There will still be meetings to discuss the issues held before the items get on the agenda - and citizens can stay informed by going to those meetings or by reading the minutes of the meetings reported on the town web site and can weigh in with their opinions and be informed before they vote.  
Tonight voters met and discussed to pros and cons in a civil, polite, forum and the matters at hand were decided in just about one hour.  No lost tempers, no mean remarks, no ugliness.  Just neighbors voicing opinions in an informed and reasonable tone.  It was good to see.  I was proud of our fellow citizens.  I'm sure many went home disappointed with the results, but I hope they also appreciated it was a fair example of democracy in action - how it should be, but often isn't these days.   
We're getting a little rain tonight - very welcome.  Then it's going to get really chilly over the weekend and there are predictions of possible snow showers.  It's time, but most of us aren't quite ready for the beautiful reds and yellows of fall to turn white.

I saw Sue LaGue at the meeting tonight and she mentioned the loon parents have left, but the young loon is still hanging out here.  Sue said his call is different now that he's alone - she's thinking he's missing his parents.  I don't know - maybe he's calling for some other young fellows to join him for the flight to the coast.  We'll never know.  I just hope he takes off before it gets really cold and the pond begins to freeze over. 

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