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Monday, October 24, 2016

Our snow is still with us - sort of.  There are bare patches and with temps in the low 40s it's certainly melting slowly, which is just what we need.  The sun comes out briefly, but mostly it's overcast.  

We had a nice flock of 16 turkeys move through our yard this morning.  They didn't detect us as we tried to get pictures, which is something of a miracle because we still have most of the screens in the windows, and taking pictures through the screens is a challenge.  I finally got a couple of the screens off, but by then they were filing down the tree line between us and Jamie and Marie, and made their way into the woods, heading west.  I found an interesting blog on the National Wildlife Federation site about   wild turkeys.  Click on the images to make them larger.

Also this morning I had an e-mail from George Parizo about the loon chick.  Here's what George wrote:  (George tried a couple of times to send an e-mail last night while watching the football game - and finally decided to wait until morning.)
Hi again -
I will see if I can get this out in one e mail ha ha.  ( no Football on TV this am.)
As I said I saw the baby Loon with an adult yesterday on the big pond and they were very friendly. Ray Richer said in his Loon talks that often times the Mother loon will leave the chick and fly to another body of water close by and return to check on the chick several times before she leaves for good. This is the second time I have seen the chick with an adult since the adults have left Joes pond. Not saying the adult was the mother but it could have been.  George Parizo

Thanks to George we know the young fellow has either his mom or a buddy to hang out with.  

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