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Thursday, October 27, 2016

It's been a quiet day, very much like November.  This morning the ground was white with just a skimming of snow again.  There are a few patches of snow still on the ground this afternoon, and around four o'clock I noticed snowflakes beginning to drift down again.   I took this picture around 3:30, looking down West Shore Road from our driveway.  Still pretty - the tamaracks have lots of color, but most of our trees are pretty brown. I don't think we will get much more snow as the forecast is for mostly rain - except in the higher elevations, which of course could be us.  We'll see.  It has been just about at the freezing mark most of the day, and the wind had switched to the southwest, so areas that still had some leaves left probably lost a good share of them today.

As I was climbing the hill that's Jamie and Marie's driveway this noon, I went through a shower of popular leaves from one big old tree.  Later I went back and took a picture of the leaves in the road.  They are bright yellow and wet from the overnight snow.   Along our driveway, our young maples have dropped most of their leaves.  We are beginning to see a little water through the trees when we look towards the pond.

I learned yesterday that our long-time friend, Don Mullallay, who has been the morning man at WSTJ for many, many years, is seriously ill and was taken to Dartmouth Hitchcock in Lebanon, NH by helicopter this week.   We wish the best outcome for Don - he's been the voice of St. Johnsbury for at least 60 years.  He was at the radio station when I first went to St. Johnsbury around 1950, and except for a short stint at a station in New York state, as I recall, he's been on the air at the St. Johnsbury station until this week.  I think he is about 90 years old, but that's only a guess.  I'm sure if you wish to send a message of encouragement to him you could send it to:  WSTJ-AM Radio, P. O. Box 249, St. Johnsbury VT 05819.  The folks at the station will see that he gets it.

It's nearly dark, but I can see the grass on our lawn is turning white.  It's beginning to look a lot like this picture Tom Dente sent today of their lawn in Connecticut.  Tom wrote:  
 Not to be out done, we also are getting snow in CT. Not much, just a dusting. We still have leaves on the trees and a lot of snow could cause big problems as they did October 29, 2011 when a foot of wet snow fell and caused power outages for over 750,000 people. So, we will be very happy with this “fly-by-nighter” of a storm.

Old timers are saying that because our summer was so dry, we will be making up for it this winter, so should expect a lot of snow!   It seems to me we're about due - we've had it pretty good the last couple of winters.

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