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Monday, October 10, 2016

Expect Frost on the Joe's Pond Pumpkins Tonight!

Better haul in any tender posies tonight - it's going to be freezing cold - literally.  It was close last night with a low of 34 degrees here.  I'm watching the thermometer drop now the sun has dipped below the hill.  It's been cold and windy all day, even when the sun was out, but now it's 41 and falling.  The wind will likely die down as the sun goes down, and that spells FROST.

We can't complain about the weather OR about the foliage this fall.  A friend of mine who lives here and should be somewhat immune to the striking colors said she had to "pull over on Route 215 just to gawk," yesterday.   I know what she means.  I stand in front of the window in our living room and gawk at the display outside.  It's like someone has photo-shopped the universe.  Being surrounded by such beauty takes a little of the ugliness out of reality.  What we have thrown at us in the news every day isn't made better, but we at least have some balance.  

Our meeting of the West Danville History Committee was rescheduled from today to next week, so I've had a day "off." Speaking of a day off, this being Columbus Day, there was no mail, town offices were closed, etc.  The news this noon had an item that surprised me - Governor Shumlin made a proclamation to change "Columbus Day" in Vermont to "Indigenous People's Day."  That made me want to find out more, so I first looked up Columbus Day, and that was another surprise.  I had no idea so many places have changed the name.  Seems logical to me, though.  Why not honor the people who lost so much when the foreigners came?  

Hope you had a great Indigenous People's Day!

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