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Saturday, September 03, 2016

We were notified recently that Jane Ward (31 Barre Ave.) passed away on Monday.  I heard from Jane's son, Craig, or "Bugs," as we knew him when he was growing up and spent summers at camp, that the family had a private service on Wednesday.  He said they are planning a memorial for his mom next summer.  Jane's older son, Matt, will send details to me later and I'll pass them on to Joe's Ponders here on the blog and in the spring newsletter.

Condolences may be sent to Craig and his wife, Patti, at 1611 E. Beacon Hill Dr., Littleton CO 80126; and to Matt & Beth at 5799 Syringa Dr., Victor ID 83455. 

Jane loved Joe's Pond - the cottage at the corner of Barre Avenue and West Shore Road was known as "the Willey cottage," for years when her father (and I think her grandfather Willey before him) owned it.  Matt and Craig now bring their children to Vermont to enjoy the cottage on Joe's Pond, so the cottage and Joe's Pond have had special meaning for the family over many generations.  Jane and Bill were our neighbors when my kids and I were spending summers here in the 60s and 70s, and I'm happy they have stayed in touch over the years.  Jane and Bill had lots of friends here at Joe's Pond; it is sad that another of our long time members of the Joe's  Pond community is gone.  Our thoughts are with the Ward family.

On a happier note, I spoke with Bo Keach this evening and she told me their son, Robbie, is doing very well after his accident a week ago, and is now home.  He has surprised everyone by recovering much more quickly than expected and with some physical therapy, should be good as ever.  This is all really good news as it was feared he might have some permanent paralysis.  Bo said lots of Joe's Pond people have reached out to their family during this difficult time and she and Bill are very appreciative.  Good people, these Joe's Ponders!

If you would like to send Robbie a card, his address is:  
2246 Daniels Farm Rd., Waterford VT 05819. 


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