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Monday, September 05, 2016

As you can tell, autumn is approaching, and with that cooler weather comes lots of activity here in the Kingdom.  There will be lots of people around until the last leaf has fallen - along about mid-October, I expect.  

These two pictures tell us fall is on its way - the morning mist over Joe's Pond and the sun coming up every day a little later and a little south of where it has was appearing a month ago.  And of course the sun is setting a little earlier each afternoon, too.  The bottom picture is of the same group of trees, but in the late afternoon (today) and the old maples are showing a little color.

Another sure sign of fall is the Fall Foliage Festival, church suppers, and other events.  Then about the last hurrah is our Apple Pie Festival in Cabot in October. As they say, "It's all down hill from there."  By mid-October most of the foliage will be gone and there will be a decided chill in the air, probably with frosty nights.  I used to predict with great confidence snow in the first week of October, but not anymore.  The trend is for moderate temperatures right through November - but of course, that could change in a hurry.  We really can't predict how that will go, but we have found that in spite of global warming and whatever else seems to be changing the weather, here in our particular area winters are still pretty darn long and cold, and I wouldn't make any predictions about how soon we'll get snow or how much snow we'll get.  We'll just have to wait and see.  In the meantime, enjoy the foliage and all the fun that goes with this time of year.

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