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Friday, August 05, 2016

The Air Boat

You will remember that we have been visited a few times this summer by someone with an air boat.  I think they came on the pond three times - perhaps four.  Very loud and we had numerous calls and e-mails about the noise and intrusiveness of the thing.  The last time they were here, Don Sherwood met them at the State Fishing Access and talked with them, letting them know we were not happy to have them here with such a loud boat.  Don told them he was reporting them to the State Police. 

Tonight I had a message from Don, and here it is:

And now for the rest of the story as Paul Harvey would say........
I got a call back from the State Police Marine Division regarding my call. They did make a visit to the home of the driver of the boat. Unfortunately, he was not in so the officer explained the situation to his family and stated that Joe's Pond is not the proper venue for the air boat due to the excessive noise. The family said that he would not return to the pond with his boat.  Time will tell but I personally doubt if we see and him again because we got the State Police involved.
The officer said that it is legal to operate an air boat on Vermont waters but that it more than likely exceeds the 82 decibel level at 50 feet noise limit.
I hope that this is the end of the story!!!!!!


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