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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Are you missing a Seahawk 2 inflatable boat?  It may be at Ted Chase's on N. Shore Road.  Ted let us know today that a partially inflated one washed up on his waterfront with 1 paddle aboard.  It's on his lawn.  You can give him a call at 684-3883.

We were in Burlington today - an appointment for me with eye specialist, Dr. Kim.  I know it sounds awful when I talk about getting a shot in my eye - I used to joke about something I really dreaded being "better than a needle in my eye," and now I can say that with some authority after over a year of having shots every eight weeks for macular degeneration.  But it really isn't that bad and my eye is stabilized and with perfect vision in my "good" eye, and only slightly distorted vision so far in the AMD eye, I really don't have a big problem - probably because we caught it early.  I'll admit I have a little more difficulty than I used to threading the needle on my sewing machine, but I still get it done, although sometimes with a little cussin.'

While I was doing my thing, Fred took a walk on the UVM campus.  He hadn't really visited there for years and he said some of the buildings he knew very well as a student looked unfamiliar because so much has changed all over the campus.  He was particularly impressed with the new dorm that's being built.  He brought back some  photos - this new building is for first year students.

Yesterday I spent a very pleasant afternoon with Barbara Carpenter and Amanda Legare, co-authors with me in 1999 on the Cabot oral history book.  We hadn't had a meeting for literally years, and it was fun to go over some of what was in the book and also what we left out for various reasons.  (Some folks were a little more candid than they probably should have been and told us things we felt it best not to include.)  It was great to chat and catch up a bit as we don't see one another all that often.  Amanda has her greenhouse business to run and Barbara is busy writing family history, so we're all occupied with our individual projects.  It was nice to take an afternoon off to chat with good friends.  We should probably do that more often, but life gets busy and before you know it another year has passed.  Like this summer - nearly over and it seems as if it just got started like a week ago.

The family in Namibia will be home by the end of this week.  They've had a great vacation, and except for being tired from the long flight, I'm sure they'll feel energized after their long break.  I'm anxious to see pictures of the wedding and everything they got to do while they were away.  I'm not a fan of traveling, especially overseas now that there are so many bad things happening, so I'll be really happy when everyone is back home safe and sound.


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