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Friday, July 08, 2016

I had a message yesterday from Mary Whitcomb, who I have had e-mail correspondence with for several years.  Mary has from time to time alerted me when I've made an error on the blog and more than once come up with answers to questions about flowers or birds or just things in general.  Yesterday she shot me an email with some great pictures taken at the Cabot Fourth of July parade on Monday!  She was near the judges stand by the Willey Building, while I was a few rods up the street at the Historical Society Building.  Now, that would normally not be noteworthy, but we've never met in person, and it would have been so much fun if we had each known the other was so close by.  I could easily have left for a few minutes and gone down the street to where she was; however, of course I wouldn't have known her, having never met her or seen a picture.  Oh well, opportunities are often missed, but I'm hoping next year we can connect.  Now we both have a question about who the two WWII veterans are in her picture.  Mary said she was quite moved that the two of them were in the parade.  They were mentioned in Will Walters' account of the parade, but not by name.  I would very much like to know who they were, if anyone reading this knows. Email me:  janebrown@fairpoint.net.

We read in the newspaper today about the death of a long-time Cabot resident and former neighbor of ours, Cecil "Buggy" Morse.  Buggy owned the Christmas tree farm out on Brickett's Crossing Road, and later built a little home on Danville Hill and had some Christmas trees there, along with berries.  Years before he got into the Christmas tree business, he owned the general store in Lower Cabot.  We are sorry he will no longer be with us.  I hope he knew that the Lower Cabot School belfry has finally been readied for the bell to be put back in place tomorrow.  I think Buggy would be very happy about that.

There will be a big party and short ceremony tomorrow as the bell is hoisted into place at about noon.  Everyone is invited to bring a picnic or have some BBQ and join in the fun from 11 to 3.  Click on the poster to make it larger to read.

Also, don't forget the Steak Dinner at the Joe's Pond pavilion. If you don't have you tickets, you may be out of luck, but just in case, contact Tom Dente at 684-3615, or Hastings Store at 684-3398.


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