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Saturday, June 04, 2016

Vintage Vehicles & Low Water

Can't complain about these beautiful spring days!  Even the black flies seem to be easing off.

Yesterday when I was outside weeding my flower garden, a string of 20 or more motorcycles went by going towards Brickett's Crossing Road.  These were smaller models and riders seemed to have backpacks or saddlebags, but weren't overly loaded, so I wondered where they were headed and why our "back" road?  Of course, these roads are lovely, especially this time of year, and the view from the Plain Cemetery on a day like yesterday would have been spectacular - so perhaps they were headed there.

We see some interesting vehicles on our road from time to time.  Last week I happened to see a very neat little two-wheeled horse-drawn cart with a couple of people in it cruising past our house towards Route 2.  I tried to watch for them going back, but if they did return this way, I missed them.  I would have liked to have had a picture.  

And then there are our own Joe's Ponders who have interesting vintage vehicles . . . and it's always fun to see them scooting by.  Great weather for road trips in whatever vehicle flutters your heart.  I've noticed a lot more convertibles on the roads this year, too.  We have more than the usual number of "sports" here this season, I gather.   

Some people have been wondering about the water level in Joe's Pond.  We've had estimates of it being as much as 8 inches below normal.  We haven't had much rain recently, but the drop seemed to come quickly, down from last weekend significantly.  The observations have been reported to Tom Dente, JPA president, and he has contacted GMP.  No response from them as yet, but I'm sure they will investigate to be sure the dam is operating properly.   We expect the rain tomorrow (and most of next week!) will take care of the problem, but unfortunately, some boaters may find their crafts are temporarily beached. 
In the meantime, I'll keep you posted on the water level, but I expect things will change once we get some rain.  Let's just hope we don't go too far the other way.  In that respect, it's probably a good thing to be headed into a week of mostly rainy days with the water level in the pond sufficiently down.  That doesn't always happen, and then it gets too high.  We aren't likely to see the severe flooding other states have had, but do be sure to keep loose items on your waterfront secure.  High water always means we begin to get notices of lost items and stuff floating around.  Even large items such as pieces of docks or sometimes boats that have slipped their moorings.  It's best if that stuff doesn't make it all the way to the first pond so it goes over the dam.  So secure everything on your waterfront and be prepared in case the water gets higher than normal. 

Kellie Merrell reported on the water at the beach in West Danville:
We start the season with a very low E. coli reading of 2 colony forming units per 100 ml (cfu).  The standard we want to see our concentrations stay below is 235 cfu. So grab your towel and go swimming this weekend!


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