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Thursday, June 02, 2016

This afternoon I heard what sounded like an airplane flying directly overhead at low altitude - it seemed to be doing stunts as the motor revved and became very loud, then seemed to get more distant but came back several times.  When I went onto the deck to see what was going on I realized it was down on the pond.  In addition to the very loud noise of the motor, the crows were screaming and circling over the pond.  I wondered if the plane might be having a problem taking off because of all the birds.  I didn't learn until this evening that it wasn't an airplane - it was an air boat.  I don't know any more about it than that - but it certainly was loud and had the crows really upset.  

The crows are tending to their young at this time of the year and I expect that had something to do with them being so agitated with the air boat.  They keep close watch over our house these days and as soon as Woody goes outside, they set up a racket.  If he ventures onto the back lawn they will dive at him.   He doesn't go far from the house during the daytime, and even at night I suspect he stays fairly close to the house. He's either getting more timid with age or a whole lot smarter.

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