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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

We cannot complain about the weather we've had today, for sure.  I went to Cabot and spent some time on the west hill side of town at Barbara Carpenter's - stopping to pick up a supply of oral history books from Caleb Pitkin on the way.  That is such pretty country, and unlike the Plain, has farming going on.  Caleb's farm is very picturesque, with sloping fields and a charming renovated elderly farmhouse.  Barbara's farm is particularly lovely this time of the year with apple trees and flowers blooming, and of course her house is also very old - hand-hewn timbers and big old fashioned kitchen wood stove.  It's a step back in time to be there.  All along Ducharme Road there are farms of one sort or another; I saw a rooster with half a dozen chickens in the middle of a field near one house; lots of newly prepared garden plots; and beautiful maple orchards.  The views are spectacular, especially on a day like this.

I picked up the pictures to scan for Barbara's upcoming article for the Cabot Chronicle, and we had a long chat - mostly about history, but we also shared bits of local news.  I came home with some of her books - copies of Adolphus, about Adolphus Perry, a  Civil War soldier from Cabot, and a very nice little booklet, "Worms, Caterpillars and Me," that she wrote for her family and lent to me to read.  After lunch I read all but the last two pages before I was interrupted by a phone call and then other events that kept me from my desk, but tonight I was able to finish.  I never knew about spinochordes tellina, or "Horsehair Worms," that are very weird.  I'm familiar with the other worms and bugs in the book; but it's the stories that make it so much fun as she tells about her first experience with each of these creatures.  

I stopped at Cabot's Visitors' Center and chatted with our neighbor, Erica Burke, who is manager.  It's amazing how many people were visiting today - I didn't expect that in mid-week.  The Visitors' Center will be a new outlet for Joe's Pond Ice-Out tickets.  I'll get them stocked within a week or so, thanks to Erica. 

 Here is a reminder from Helen Morrison:
Because the weather looks like it is going to be chilly, cloudy, damp, and maybe even rainy, we will be having the event inside the church where it will be warm and toasty.
Upstairs will be the Latin Salsa Jazz Band and the pinatas.
Downstairs will be the Taco Bar, the desserts, the raffle, face painting, pin the tail on the gato, and more.
     What a great thing to do on a dreary Sunday afternoon.
Click on the image to make it large enough to read easily.

Tomorrow - it's going to be another beautiful day here, and I hope wherever you are you are enjoying lovely spring weather, too. 

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