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Saturday, May 21, 2016

This picture just came from Henretta Splain, who had a front-row seat at the meeting today and got this great shot of JPA President Tom Dente presenting the certificate and check to this year's Ice-Out Contest winner, Pamela Swift of Barre, a pre-med student at UVM.  In the back looking on are Secretary Jane Brown and Treasurer George Anderson.  

We had a larger than normal turnout for the meeting this morning, and it was another fun meeting.  Good to see so many friends back at the pond ready to start off another great summer of activities and friendship.  

During the meeting, Sam Lewis addressed flood plain issues he has experienced since putting his home on the market.  It seems that Cabot has a new map showing the flood plain along the west shore of the pond; however, properties have not been correctly numbered and identified, so some that are shown as being in the flood plain are actually not in the flood plain area, etc.  Sam explained that it is incumbent upon the property owner to have evidence for proof if contesting the designation, and that seems to be illusive or non-existent unless the property is professionally surveyed for that purpose.  If I understand the issue correctly, banks require properties being mortgaged to have flood insurance if they are in a designated flood plain, and this can add to the overall cost of a property.  Tom Morgan mentioned that regardless of designation, if there is any danger of flooding, it would be prudent to buy flood insurance. Sam urged everyone to investigate whether or not their property is in a designated flood plain.  Property owners may or may not wish have changes made to the mapping, depending on the outcome of their individual investigations.  Apparently, it is not easy to find out the 100 year flood records of each town.  While Cabot has a map, it has flaws, and Danville does not have a map as yet.  Sam is pictured above after the meeting, with the maps and interested JPA members in discussion.

I'll have the minutes ready for posting on the website soon - will let you know.

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