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Friday, May 06, 2016

The Marshfield Planning Commission and the Jaquith Public Library regret to inform you that the Vermont's Rare and Endangered Plants Program on May 19 is canceled due to the very important Planning Commission meeting on the same night at 6 p.m. 

Susan Green
Jaquith Public Library
122 School St. RM 2
Marshfield, VT 05658
Today was the kind of day you wish would set the design for the whole summer.  72 degrees, bright sunshine, not too hot, not too cool, a little breeze, no bugs.  What more could you ask?
I say no bugs, but there are a few of the non-biting variety waking up and that really bothered granddaughter, Tangeni.  She has a big problem with any flying bug - they are all bees, as far as she is concerned.  She was with us today and we were outside a good part of the day. By afternoon she was pointing out real bumble bees and telling me they wouldn't hurt me as long as I didn't hurt them.  She still had a bit of a problem when some little moth or fly would buzz by her, but we had a long conversation about "good" bugs vs. the biting kind, like mosquitoes and black flies. 
After lunch, she and I had doughnut holes and tea on the deck.  She kindly left a little pinch of doughnut on the railing for some nice bumble bee.
We made some tissue paper flowers and Woody got lots of attention.  He enjoyed the nice weather and being able to go outside when he got tired of his best friend's petting and brushing.  He didn't stay out very long and even allowed Tangeni some big hugs - which he will hardly ever put up with from either Fred or me.  He refuses to be "held" in any way that is the least bit confining.  The closest he comes is to let me transfer him, still curled up, from my lap to my chair when necessary, and that procedure took several years to develop.  He seems to understand Tangeni.
Tomorrow we will go to Tangeni and JoAnn's dance recital.  Tangeni demonstrated her "cat dance" today, and explained that "we can't talk when we're on the stage."  That seemed to be uppermost in her mind, probably because she's normally a non-stop talker and for her, not being able to talk may be the hardest part of dance lessons.  Last night was the first of three performances, and she was looking forward to tonight and Saturday's.  This will be our fifth dance recital - we have watched Jo-Ann's progress over the years and then last year Tangeni's first performance, in the baby group.  
We have a resident hawk in our area.  We've spotted him whenever the weather is reasonably good, sometimes circling high above the house and other times gliding among the trees up back.  The crows were objection to his presence today.  They made a big fuss about the same time we had seen the big hawk, so I expect they have chicks in their nests by now that they are protecting.
Shelly Walker has settled into her new home on West Shore Road.  She has posted some great pictures of it on her Facebook page.  The addition at Bill and Diane Rossi's is getting started.  They are digging for the foundation this week.  Right now it isn't pretty, and some of Diane's lovely flowers had to be removed, but by getting  started this early in the spring, the lawn and flowers will be back in shape in no time.  Next week looks like it will be mostly dry - a good opportunity for construction.

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