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Monday, April 11, 2016

We have something a little different to report tonight - but not very different.  As you can see, the ice on the pond is covered with water tonight, and that's a little different.  But the block is still up and the clock is still ticking, so that is no different than it has been for weeks.  It has been raining lightly but fairly steadily all day, and that has set the pond afloat again.  It may not freeze much tonight, so there could be changes in the block by tomorrow.

I was surprised when I went to my meeting at the Danville Historical Society this morning that the middle pond is completely free of ice.  The first pond still has some ice in the cove by Point Comfort's docks - and the big pond is showing a little open water at the northernmost corner by the rail trail in the vicinity of Channel Drive and Island Drive.  However, the rest of the big pond looks pretty solid - but there must be a lot of warmer water flowing off the hills into the pond and that should weaken the ice a lot.  It's hard to tell if there is much depth of ice left, but certainly off of the west shore it is still thick enough to support the weight of the block.  I believe that will now change quickly since we don't have any really cold weather ahead.

A reader in Canada, Linda, sent a message that they received snow last night, too.  Thanks to Linda for her message.  You will find it at the end of this morning's post below.  I wasn't surprised there was snow across the border - I somehow expect Canada to be colder than we are because they are further north, but I know that isn't always the case.  I also know when we get a wind out of the north it's usually really cold and I automatically say "because it's right out of Canada!" 

 I guess spring is a little late everywhere - although if we look at other years, this year's Ice Out is right in the "normal" range of dates the clock stopped.  I'll check to see if the block is still there tomorrow morning and report to you again then.

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