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Sunday, April 24, 2016

These nice spring days have started the wildlife looking for places to nest - or food for energy to nest.  We've noticed a parade of birds going through or stopping over at our yard lately.  We've had crows on a regular basis, and I've tried feeding them, but find they have varied and individual tastes, apparently.  Some tested and then avoided over-ripe orange sections I put out, while another one seemed to relish them.  The same with melon seeds, although those seemed to be almost universally appreciated.  That's what the crow above is eating.

Fred is apprehensive about putting food out because it may draw in bears, but the crows are very neat eaters and clean up the small amounts I put out quickly.  They have scouts nearby that let their buddies know when there's something interesting on the ground.

Last night as we were preparing supper in the kitchen, we saw a pair of ducks casually walking up our lawn from the driveway.  the female went into the woods for a little while, but then we could see the drake was calling her (windows were closed, so we couldn't hear) and soon she flew low over his head in the direction of the pond and he immediately followed.  I guess we know which one dominated that duo.

I have a perfect view of our back lawn from my office, over the top of my computer screen, so any slight movement out there catches my attention.  I keep the camera within arm's reach so I don't have to make any sudden movements, and can usually get a picture.  This morning a pair of turkeys went strolling by. The turkeys were very casual, pecking seeds or bugs in the grass as they went, and I expect continued into the woods toward's Jamie and Marie's, but  I was busy so didn't go to the kitchen window to see exactly where they went.  We've had them nest near our lawn in years past - they have HUGE broods, like 16 or 18 eggs! 

We're noticing that the grass is getting green on the lawns below our house - not so much up back, as that doesn't get quite as much sunshine.  It won't be long before Fred will be out there mowing the lawn, we can have windows open wide and summer will officially be here.  In the meantime, we have a wonderful season ahead, with flowers poking through the earth and trees in bloom everywhere.  I can see the blush of buds on some of the hard wood trees on the hillside in back of our house, and before long the leaves will blot out the steep bank so at least some of the wildlife I see from my window will be hidden.  Along with the cherry blossoms and tender green leaves come black flies and mosquitoes, but it's all part of the plan and still wonderful. 

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