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Friday, April 01, 2016

These are the last pictures we'll post.  The contest will be officially closed in about 4 hours (midnight), and then tomorrow morning Diane will have the cameras back on so you can watch until the block sinks and stops the clock.  Right now it looks pretty stable - just a little tippy, and we can't account for that unless it's because the south side of the cement block warm in the sun and has melted the ice more so it's tipping to the right.  

The ice is mostly gone from the first pond - just a little in the cove by Point Comfort along Route 2 side.  The middle pond is also nearly free, but at noon today there was still ice along the Route 2 side, but it was clear from the narrows down the lenghth of that body of water.  The big pond doesn't show much open water at all, and that's really surprising.  We'll just have to wait and see what happens.  It may just turn to mush all at once and the block will fall through.

Still time to get on-line tickets, ten at a time, if you still want to get into the game.  We have lots of tickets gathered already, and will have more tomorrow; it looks like it will be a pretty good year so our winner could take home a handsome check.  Maybe $5,000??
Not sure yet, but we're hopeful.  Thanks to everyone who has entered the contest.  We appreciate your support and invite you to the big free Fourth of July Fireworks display on July 3rd.  Rain date is July 5th.  More about the Fourth celebration later. 

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