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Saturday, April 02, 2016

The promised snow is happening - a few minutes ago it was raining, but now it is beginning to snow quite hard and the wind is picking up.  Looks like it's going to be a stormy night.  The temperature is falling quickly and is presently at about 32 degrees.  The block and flag, as you can see, is at a crazy angle, but it's likely it will get frozen in fairly solidly tonight and tomorrow is supposed to be pretty cold and stormy, so who knows what will happen.

We have been watching with much interest as the old Joe's Pond Country Store is being rejuvenated.  It's amazing how nice it looks.  Someone did a really nice job visualizing what it could be and planning the space. Who would have guessed it could look so good!  The new look dresses up the village beautifully.  West Danville is lookin' good!!  Below is a picture of how it used to look.  The gas pumps are gone, and right now there's no landscaping, but we're betting it will look very nice when it's finished.  And it's been totally redone inside, I'm told, so it will be a pleasure to visit when it's finally open to the public.

Another local change that is amazing is the old Maynard farm on Cabot Plain.  For years we've watched it slowly cave in.  Today when Fred and I went that way to go to Cabot (and by the way, the 
road to Cabot over the Plain is unusually good - no mud holes at all!!) we noticed the house and barn are completely gone and the lot is clean as a whistle.
One of Julie and Walt Ackermann's sons did the demolition, I believe.  I knew it was going to be done, but last time I was by, a few weeks ago, it was still standing, so I was surprised to see it gone without a trace.  The ground has been leveled and it looks really nice.  In fact, when I unloaded the pictures from our camera, I couldn't figure out where the picture had been taken.  It looks completely different - but now the new owners will be able to build whatever they want.  It's a beautiful piece of property.  The winter picture was taken from about the same location when the house was there and before it had caved in quite as much.    I'll miss the old house - but I have some really nice pictures of it taken over the years.  

Now the snow has stopped, but I expect there will be more later on tonight.  We'll let you know if the block is still standing tomorrow morning.

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