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Friday, April 08, 2016

 It seems I am posting the same pictures over and over.  Except for the amount of snow on the ground (there's over an inch now) we could be looking at pictures from a week ago.

We had very hard rain and lots of wind late in the evening last night, and then the wind died down and the temperature slipped into the 30's and here we are in winter mode again.  It's snowing quite steadily right now, but the temperature is supposed to rise so it may change to rain for a while before the system clears out of here.  It's dreary and we're all really ready for the block to go down and stop the clock so we can get on to other things - with some warm weather, open water and the promise of summer.  Right now, the prospect is pretty dim.  

As for predictions of when all of that is going to happen - those of us who have worked on this contest for a long time have pretty much given up trying to guess.  Every year is different, and this one beats them all.  Chico Carcoba, who logged tickets for us for many years, told me yesterday that Woodbury Lake went out on April 3.  He used to have a formula for predicting when Joe's Pond would be out, but I can't remember exactly what that was.  Chico and Sharon arrived home from Florida this week into all this cold, miserable weather.  

We all know the weather will get better - or at least change. Change is what's been happening with uncanny regularity, except it seems to have stalled in March mode.  We're confident the snow will be gone eventually, but nobody is making any promises about what sort of weather we'll have once we get into summer mode.  I'm betting hot and dry, but that's just a wild guess.  I'm glad we don't have any kind of contest on that.  Stay tuned.

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