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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

A bit warmer this morning, and the sun is trying hard to break through the clouds.  We had freezing temperatures again last night, and even though the block went through the ice and stopped the clock, the pond still has a frozen surface except in coves and along the shoreline.  We always hope the block goes down cleanly rather than moving up and down the pond on ice floes, and that has happened again this year.  It has been our experience the pond opens up within a few days after the block sinks.  This year, of course, has not been like any other we've experienced, so there's no telling how long it will take for blue water to show up if there are many more of these warm and then deep cold swings.  

We will be attempting to contact the winner today, and as soon as we are able to do that and confirm the ticket number, date and time, the name will be announced.

I had a message from Andy Rudin last evening.  He sent a link to an unnerving article about loons and climate change.  With various species of bugs and other unwelcome creatures creeping northward, it seems the world we are so familiar with is changing, along with the weather, ever so slowly, but apparently inevitably. We will need to adapt, I guess, finding ways to live with the changes.

I have many calls to make this morning, so need to get busy.  We will update the website with all necessary information as soon as all is confirmed.

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