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Sunday, March 13, 2016

We just want you to know there's something going on with GoDaddy, the host for paying for Ice-Out tickets on line, and whatever their problem is, it's preventing some people from being able to purchase tickets.  Fred has contacted GoDaddy and they say they know about and are working to solve the problem.  If you have a problem, try using a different browser.  Sometimes that seems to work.  Please be patient - these things usually get resolved pretty quickly.

In the meantime, we're going to see another beautiful spring day here, not quite as warm as yesterday, but it's now nearly 40 degrees, and that means the sap should run.  We're seeing open water in the channel coming into the pond, but there are still ice shelves in some areas where the flow isn't as strong.  There is no open water in back of the islands yet, and that usually shows up before the rest of the big pond opens up.  There is water around the edges of the islands and along the mainland shoreline, but there's still fairly solid ice in the big pond.  The two smaller ponds are showing quite a bit of open water.  

We'll keep you posted on ice conditions as well as the status of the on-line tickets. 

I hope you remembered to set your clocks ahead last night - we forgot, and I was surprised when I came to my computer and it showed 9 o'clock - I thought I was getting started on my day nice and early at 8 o'clock.  Oh, well, at least I wasn't late for an appointment or anything important.

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