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Thursday, March 24, 2016

 We got an inch of snow last night so it looked very wintery here today.  The temperature didn't get much above freezing, and it's about 25 degrees tonight.  The block looks pretty solid so far, but that could change this weekend.  We'll be watching it closely.  We took this picture late yesterday afternoon.  Click on the picture to make it larger.

Today our 4-year old granddaughter, Tangeni, spent the afternoon with us.  We tried to make Easter eggs out of jello - I had a mold that came with something I bought years ago and had never used; never threw it away, either - these odd items almost always come in handy eventually.  However, even after waiting all afternoon to test it, the jello didn't seem to be setting well, so I stuck the mold in the freezer and then sent it home with her with instructions to put it in the freezer for a day or so.  She liked mixing the jello and pouring it into the little holes to fill the mold, and then sipped the still-warm leftover cherry jello solution.  I think that was a first for her.  I love liquid jello, and so did she.  Well, to be honest, I like jello in any form and almost any flavor.  I don't have it often, but I get kidded a lot about having molded gelatin fruit salads nearly every time the family gathers for a meal at our house. It's colorful and good for your fingernails, so I say enjoy it, sugar and all.

After the jello was in the fridge to set, we decided to make an Easter bunny mask; and that turned into two masks because Tangeni wanted to make one for her dad.  He's a good sport and she was delighted when he put it on.  She had actually done a really good job cutting out the pattern herself and had pasted the cotton ball fur on the first one, but lost interest in the second mask, so Grandma finished it up.  We wanted to be sure Daddy had his.

We happened to be outside cutting pussy willows - also a new experience for her - when her dad came to pick her up, and she was wearing her bunny mask the whole time.  We got her stuff all packed up and they left, both wearing their bunny masks.  I'm sure Bill took his off before he got very far down the road. He called shortly after leaving to tell us Tangeni was fast asleep in her car seat.  She (and we) had a big day - and of course so did Woody.
Tangeni still loves him dearly, and I think he knows it and loves her in return, but he does get tuckered - and even though there were things left on his bed that had no business being there, he managed to catch a few winks after his friend had left.  After I took the picture, I cleared the stuff off so he could stretch out and enjoy the quiet.  I sort of wished I could do the same, but we were hungry and food always takes precedence in my mind.  Eat first, sleep later.  We'll have fun for several days quoting Tangeni - she comes up with some really interesting questions - and answers.  A big topic today was whistling.  She produces a good strong one-note whistle that totally confused Woody.  When he's outside, Fred often whistles for him and when he comes he gets a treat.  He responded to Tangeni's whistling, but then there was no treat.  

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Jessie Parker said...

Fun post! Sounds Fred had a fun week end.