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Saturday, March 12, 2016

I've just received this photo from Nancy Buttura (Old Homestead Rd.) of her son-in-law fishing on the ice this morning.  She reports he measured 16 inches of ice.  This is good news - we're hoping it will hold until April 1st, the official close of the Ice-Out Contest.

We just returned from taking tickets to the Stop-Inn Shop in Walden and to the Cabot general store, where they were running low on tickets, and we came home through Marshfield.  Molly's Falls Dam looks pretty solid, but Molly's Pond is beginning to look a little dark and there's lots of water on top of the ice everywhere.  It sure is an interesting year.

By the way, the north end of Brickett's Crossing Road is pretty bad, according to Howard Hatch, who we saw this morning.  We stayed on the hard surface of Route 15, 215 and came home by way of Route 2.  West Shore Road is still very good considering.

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