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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

I've had a reply from Diane Rossi, who will have the Ice-Out setup in front of her house on the west shore in a few more weeks, and she said there is no sign of weak ice or open water.  In fact, she said that there was a pickup truck out on the ice during all the rain we had yesterday.  That would no doubt be an ice fisherman who would have first-hand knowledge of the ice depth; but still, I wouldn't want to risk taking my vehicle onto the ice anywhere, any time this year.

We'll try to find out how much ice there is.  Short of going out there, it's fairly hard to find someone who knows, but perhaps we'll come across someone.  For now we are thinking the ice has not been seriously compromised by the recent warm weather.  With deep cold coming at us again, we will probably be gaining a few more inches this week and then another thaw over the weekend, or at least some nasty weather predicted with possible rain or freezing rain.  The see-saw effect continues.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for checking and the Ice Update. Keeping track of conditions from afar is definitely a priority. Thanks again.