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Sunday, February 28, 2016

It's a really nice spring day here today.  I'm showing a temperature of 50 degrees in the sun, and 43 in the shade.  There was about half an inch of new snow overnight, bringing the total on the ground on our north-facing slope to 1.5 inches - but there are bare spots and of course the snow is compacting and melting under the sun today.

In spite of the warmish weather, Diane Rossi spotted two pickup trucks at the lower end of the big pond near the fishing access this morning.  Whoever those people are, they are very brave - and maybe a little foolish, except we did have zero weather night before last.  

I had this e-mail from George and Pat Parizo (Sandy Beach Road) who have a home in Springfield, Vermont:
  It was announced this week in Springfield VT. that Trout River Brewing Company has started production in the Fellows Gear Shaper factory Building on River Street (Black River) In Springfield VT. It will take four to six weeks before their first brew of Rainbow Red Ale ( other brand brews to follow) hits the market. It will be available all over Vermont.   At this point they do not have a tasting room but will be adding one as the business ramps up. It’s nice to know that the Trout River Brewing Company still resides in Vermont and owned by Vermonters.
Looking out the back window of our house in Springfield I see small patches of ice surrounded by young green grass! Very strange indeed. Temps @ 57 deg. Pat and I were in Blacksburg Virginia last week end and they had more snow on the ground than we have had here all winter. I have not put the snow fighting equipment away yet but keeping my eye on the lawn mowers.
George Parizo
I was pleased to learn that Trout River is ready to brew again, now in Springfield.  I don't like to see Vermont companies moving out of the state.  Some of you may remember that they closed the pub in Lyndonville in 2014 and said they wanted to concentrate on brewing.  I found this site about their quest in Springfield: Trout River  It's too bad they couldn't have found a spot in Lyndonville or St. Johnsbury, but I'm glad they found what they were looking for in Springfield and will remain in Vermont. 

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