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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Here's a good deal for someone:
Jane - We are selling our 6-burner Kenmore Elite Stainless Steel BBQ Grill (photos attached) and I wondered if you might post it to the blog for us?

This grill is a professional grade grill with a side burner and rotisserie... it is 10 years old and should have some parts replaced inside, but they are all still available at Searsparts.com ...plus we have some replacement parts as well that we never had to install... it works just fine the way it is, but should be refurbished a bit to be top notch...

New this grill was $2600 and we are asking $750 for it (or B/O) ... it is very heavy but rolls easily on a deck... comparable ones now run about $3300.

We will be hapy to offer the grill for $550 to any JPA member!

E-mail Evelyn and Ray at: rloonnest@fairpoint.net
or give them a call at 802-563-3083.

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