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Saturday, January 09, 2016

Weather today is mild with some snowflakes in the air.  It's going to turn into rain tomorrow, according to the forecast, but with luck, that could be snow for us here at Joe's Pond.  Or it could mean icy conditions.  I see 4.5 inches of snow at my stake in the back yard, down from about 6.  The wind seemed to blow all night last night, and there's still a pretty steady light south wind this morning.  Even though we've had some bitter below-zero nights, winter seems to be having a hard time getting going.  The last couple of days have been very spring-like, and we have yet to have a good old-fashioned snowstorm.  Not that I'm pining away for anything like that, but the whole "winter" scene has been odd this year.

Fred removed our outdoor Christmas tree from the deck this morning.  I was sorry to see it go - the lights seemed very cheerful, and even though probably very few people passed by at night to notice it, I liked it being there.  We had put it in a large bucket of water, and of course it froze so the tree still has a bucket attached to it down in the woods.  We'll have to wait until spring to retrieve our bucket, and then we'll probably chip what's left of the tree.  Spruce branches make wonderful mulch for the flower beds.

This is a fairly long stretch between holidays now.  There is Presidents' Day in February that commemorates Lincoln's and Washington's birthdays, but nothing big until Town Meetings in early March, and then Easter on March 27th.  It somehow makes time go by more quickly when you're looking forward to a holiday coming up.  As we get older, time seems to slip by way too fast, so the months with no big holidays are fine with me.  I heard someone recently did a survey asking people which they would prefer to have, money or time, and older people opted for time while the youngsters chose money.  There's an old saying, "Time is like a snowflake; it melts away while we're trying to decide what to do with it."  There are two schools of thought on that - one is that people waste way too much of their time and life passes them by, and then there's another that reminds us some of the most creative people seem to be "wasting time."  

And that's all the time I have right now - I need to get busy.

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