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Sunday, January 10, 2016

We are getting the rain, as predicted.  It has rained fairly steadily all day and the temperature has remained in upper 30's, perhaps getting into the low 40's briefly around noon.  There has been plenty of wind, and we lost electrical power for a few minutes late this afternoon.  The road looks as if it could be very slippery, but there have been a few cars going by, so it's certainly passable.  Our driveway was glare ice for a while, but mushy, and Fred was able to break it up so it shouldn't be a problem.  There's an awful lot of water running off the hills into the pond, and we're all wondering if the ice will open up again.  The temperature is moving downward tonight, and we expect everything to freeze up before morning.  Then a break on Monday with "normal" temperatures and snow on Tuesday.

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