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Saturday, January 23, 2016

This came yesterday from Sandra Grenier looking for a rental next summer:
I like the month of July but would do mid July to mid August.  I have rented for about 10 years at the LaPearle camp but he uses it now.  I would prefer to not be right on Route 2.  But I would look at it.  Contact greniersandra2@gmail.com.

While we enjoy quite nice weather, a lot of the rest of the nation is being walloped by a brutal storm with lots of snow and high tides along the Atlantic coast.  We could really use the snow, but it isn't going to hit us much at all, from all reports.  I just came in from my walk up Jamie and Marie's driveway and it was very pleasant.  The wind has died down and the temperature is in the high teens as the sun is sinking behind the hill.  Fred had to go to Danville a few minutes ago and took this picture of Route 2 after he left West Shore Road.  You can see we don't have a whole lot of snow, and the road is relatively bare. 

Don't forget the benefit dinner at the Danville Inn Sunday evening.  There's Turkey Pie, mashed potato & gravy, Cop Suey, Beans, Coleslaw and a variety of desserts on the menu.  The dinner starts at 5 p.m. until all are served, and is by donation.  

I just realized the information I included yesterday about Sarah's Country Diner didn't say where it is, so I added that.  Some folks might not know it is in Cabot, at the back of the hardware store.  Sarah has been in business there for some time - in the same spot Julie Achermann was for a long time.

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