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Saturday, January 16, 2016

I need to be brief tonight - my computer has been acting up and Fred has been trouble-shooting all day with various help desks - but no real break through yet.  So I've been able to have my computer only a couple times all day to check my e-mail.  I've had other  non-computer type projects that needed my attention, so have still been busy and fairly productive.  Fred is waiting to get back in here and finish up some backups - just in case the hard drive fails.  I've been getting messages that it's likely to happen and so far there's been no "fix" for it, so we may be looking at a new hard drive.  

I had an e-mail from Andy Rudin (Old Homestead Road) today to let me know a long-time friend of his who used to live in West Danville passed away this fall.  I'm sure some of you knew Cliff Pye - I never knew him, but Andy said he lived on a farm just outside of West Danville and graduated from Danville High.  I thought some of you might not know he had passed away so click on his name above to see the obituary

I also had a message from Diane Rossi today letting me know there are fishing shanties on the ice now.  We are amazed - it seems only a few days ago the pond was still open, but apparently the really cold nights we've had took care of that and there's sufficient ice to be out there fishing.  Nobody could pay me enough to go out on the ice right now, but I'm sure those guys that are out there know how thick (or thin) it is and use good sense.  I hope!

We saw this trivia question on TV tonight:  How far is it from Alaska to Russia?  The answer is 55 miles, and here is the explanation of that.  Maybe some folks really can see Russia from their Alaska home!

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