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Monday, December 14, 2015

This strange weather has some folks wondering just how "strange" it is for us to not have snow this time of year and for the pond to be open.  I went back in my picture files and also checked previous years on this blog and found out that in 2005, when I had just begun writing the blog, there was no snow and open water on November 13.  I didn't have anything about the weather written in December, so it may not have been remarkable.  Below you'll see a picture, taken on Dec. 23, 2005, and it looks like we got caught up.  We usually think the pond freezes over right about Thanksgiving, and generally, I think that's about right.

Briefly, here are some notes about Novembers past:
2006 there was no snow and some ice on Nov. 23
2007 we had 34 degrees and the pond was still open on Nov. 25
2008 the pond was frozen over by Nov. 30
2009 we had rain and open water Nov. 30; pond frozen by Dec.15
2010 not much snow, still open water on Nov. 30
2011 10 in. snow on the ground, but some open water Nov. 30
2012  first two ponds solid but big pond still open on Nov. 28
2013 pond was still open on Nov. 25, but very cold temperatures
2014 Open water until Nov. 29, and had 12" snow on 28th.

As for snow - here are some pictures taken around Christmas each year since 2002:

Certainly we've had some years with far less snow than others, but all of the above proves to me that this is a freaky year.  Click on the photos if you want to enjoy seeing snow.  I'd say we're at least a month behind schedule.  Someone said to me today we may still be dealing with snow and cold in May to make up for this.  

I received this message from Joe's Ponder Barbara Pollack in Arizona today:

I thought you'd be interested to know that for the past few days it has been warmer in West Danville, Vermont than in Tucson, Arizona.  Today at noon, Arizona time, it is 47 degrees in West Danville, and 43 degrees in Tucson!

Happy Holidays!


Our friend, Michael in Alaska sent this message today:

Here we still have real winter, but not too much snow—but everything is solidly white. Daylight is pretty slim these days—around 5 ½ hours from sun up to sun down; but only a short time when the sun is up above the trees.

Thanks to both Barbara and Michael for the updates on their weather.  We're still pretty lucky here in Vermont - unless you're a skier, boarder or snowmobiler.  Lots of us are enjoying the nice weather, but it seems there are a lot of folks wondering what pay back will be like.  

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