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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

There was a sifting of snow on the ground when we woke up this morning, but by afternoon most of it was gone.  We may have more snow showers off and on, but the temperature remains above normal and no indication of any change for the next week or so. Looks like a green Christmas is going to be assured. Great for travelers, but most of us would still prefer some snow.  It's still not out of the question, but unlikely if we can believe the forecasters.  Fred took this picture in West Danville on Monday, but nothing has changed much, there's been rain and fog and a little snow with a few breaks of sunshine, but not much.  The ice on the pond has come and gone and each night a skimming forms in the quiet coves, but during the daytime most of it has melted. 

You can tell that the folks at Hastings Store are in the spirit of Christmas, no matter what the weather. If you click on the image you will see there are lovely decorations - the place looks really nice.  Jane has been busy, I suspect!

I received a really interesting photo today.  It was taken when the leaves were still on in the fall.  The picture is lovely as you can see here - the upper end of West Shore Road; but then, what do you see when it is turned?  I'm sure it will look different to each one looking at it, but if you let your imagination soar, what do you see in the photo below?

I see an image that resembles a face and other features, and apparently Judy Bailey on Old Homestead Road saw something similar that led her to ask, "Was there ever a lost totem pole at Joe's Pond?"  

Perhaps it's the spirit of Joe Indian back at his favorite hunting grounds.  At first I thought the face is joyful - that's a big smile!  But when I clicked on the image, it looked very stern.  If it's Joe, he has some red decoration, perhaps in his hair.  I doubt he would have war paint, but perhaps he was decorated in order to appeal to Molly - or to impress all of us enjoying his beloved pond.  I wonder - on a quiet day this time of they year, if Judy took a picture of the same scene, what would show up?  Does the spirit of Joe Indian hang out during other seasons or does it move to Newbury for the winter like Joe and Molly did . . . ? 
Thanks, Judy, for sharing this with us. 

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