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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas!

We are back from our Christmas Eve dinner with our family at Jamie and Marie's, just up the hill from our house.  We had a lovely meal and lots of laughs.  

It's been a busy day here at the pond.  The nice weather is proving to be an extension of summer in more ways than you might expect.
Nancy Buttura sent this picture of the Cassani kids, Joey and Emily, taking advantage of the nice weather.  Looks like fun, but I bet the water is really cold, in spite of the nice weather.

When we got home from Jamie and Marie's this evening, I found this picture in my e-mail.  Jack and Sue LaGue got this shot as they chatted with the Hamiltons from their deck.  It was a lovely day for a boat ride to visit neighbors!  The second photo is of another visitor that was apparently interested in the pontoon boat - a cute little ermine.   He is wearing his winter coat and is pretty conspicuous against the brown fall leaves.  Hopefully we'll have snow soon so he will blend into the landscape a bit better. Thanks, Jack for the pictures.  Click on images to enlarge them.

Also, today I received this card and photo from George and Pat Parizo on Sandy Beach Road.  They have a new poodle puppy - cute as can be.  Thanks to them for sharing their Christmas joy!

This must be the year for puppies to find their forever homes and our Joe's Ponders to have their Christmas wishes for a buddy fulfilled.  This is Henretta Splain on Clubhouse Circle with her new puppy, Oreo.  Oreo is a rescue dog from Texas, and probably has never  seen snow, so having bare ground when she arrived in Vermont is definitely a plus for her, I bet.  Now she will be able to get used to the snow gradually and it won't be such a shock!
We thank everyone for their pictures and Christmas wishes.  We've had lots of wonderful comments and notes as well as e-cards, and appreciate your thoughtfulness.  We wish everyone a lovely Christmas Day.

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