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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

 I received these two pictures from Ted Chase this morning.  I'm not certain when the top picture was taken, but it's a lovely mirror image, about the same location as the "totem pole" view I posted a few days ago.  I've turned it 45 degrees and yes, there is a definite pattern there, but not quite as distinct as the first image.  Neat picture, though.  I'm sorry it doesn't seem to want to enlarge.  It's a zip file and the blog mechanics don't do well with those.

The picture of the bald eagle below was taken in the marshes here at Joe's Pond back in August.  That is a beautiful shot, and thank you, Ted, for sharing both pictures.

While I'm here, I'll update everyone on the weather, which is not very nice today.  We had appointments in St. Johnsbury and it rained hard all the time we were there.  This afternoon it is dark and dreary with lots of low fog, and the rain is still coming down quite steadily.  The temperature is hanging out around 40 degrees, sort of like April.  I guess there could be some flooding.  We noticed brooks running very high this morning.  We were wondering as we went along the pond on Route 2 if all the ducks and geese have left the area.  If not, it could be one of those years when a bird or two gets caught in the ice if/when the weather turns and temperatures drop.  I haven't seen or heard any wildlife around the pond recently, so hopefully they have all gone to their winter destinations and haven't been fooled by our strange weather and all the open water this year. 

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