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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

We saw in today's Caledonian Record that the ice went out at Harvey's Lake on April 22, at 10:57 p.m.  Harvey's Lake Association has an ice-out contest similar to ours at Joe's Pond, but much smaller, and this year's winner was none other than Terry Powers (Island Drive) of Joe's Pond!  Terry won $180.  Congratulations, Terry!  But there's more.  Two years ago Terry's sister, Sandy Grenier, won the Harvey's Lake contest, and in 2012, another sister, Judy Lavely, won here at Joe's Pond.  This family obviously has something special in their DNA! 

We're watching the block closely, but the flag is still flying out there and looks pretty much the same as it has for about a week.  Our weather was a bit warmer today, but we didn't get as much sunshine as expected - I guess the clouds that brought the rain/snow showers earlier in the week have sort of doubled back on us, but as near as I can tell, we haven't had any rain - or snow! - or as much wind today. 

 Every day now about a thousand Joe's Pond Ice-Out ticket holders are disappointed.  A lot of people guessed the ice would be around longer than it has been in recent years, and that is definitely the case, but contrary to what some of us thought, this probably won't be a record late ice-out.  I would be very surprised if it lasts beyond the latest recorded date, which is May 6th.  It has gone out three times on May 1st, two times on May 4th and one each on May 5th and 6th.  Perhaps this year it will go on May 2nd, and fill in that one vacant day.  Just guessing, of course.  The earliest it has gone out was on April 5th, in 2010.  That was the year our committee was very nervous that it might go out before the close of the contest on April 1st. Right now all we can do is wait and watch.
Remember the Cinco de Meow event to benefit the Kingdom Animal Shelter in St. Johnsbury Center, on Sunday, May 3rd.  Click on the poster to see all the fun activities that will be going on all Sunday afternoon.  

Also, please don't forget the turkey pie benefit supper on Sunday, May 3, at the Danville Inn, for the benefit of Garey and Jane Larrabee. Admission by donation.

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