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Thursday, April 09, 2015

We got another two inches of wet snow last night - and today is warmish, in the 30s, but overcast and dreary.  We went to St. J. to do errands this morning and took some pictures on our way - the snow had covered most of the road as we were leaving on West Shore Road, but aside from being wet and mushy, it wasn't too bad.  Cabot road crew had been over it yesterday with the rake, and that filled in a few of the ruts.  The worst part of the road is still coming off of Route 2 - I took a picture of the washboard, but it we were over the worst of it, so it doesn't do it justice.  Here's a short slide show so you can see that we still look more like winter than spring here.

As we were driving into Marty's in Danville, we noticed the property just east of there has been leveled.  It was very run down and has been vacant for a while.  We don't know whether Marty bought the property or someone else did, or whether someone is going to build there or what will happen, but stay tuned.  We'll try to find out.  We could have asked at the store, but unfortunately didn't think to do that.  Next time.

I do have reliable information on the ice.  According to Everett Drew, "the Premiere Ice Fisherman Extraordinaire," according to Diane Rossi, who benefits from his catch from time to time, there is a foot of snow on top of about 20 inches of hard ice, then another foot of slush underneath.  She said Everett predicts "the ice will go out just about when it always does."  Nothing unusual about this year as far as Everett is concerned, I guess.  We'll see if he's right.  Last year it was out on April 29th and the year before, the 24th; but in 2012 it was already out by this time - it went on the 8th.

I'm pretty sure there is melting going on today, and this wet snow may actually help soften up what is underneath.  There is more warm weather on the way, and that should start some real water running; however, if the frost went as deep (as much as seven feet!) as we've been told in various reports, it won't be out of the road any time soon.  The ground under a good snow cover may not be frozen that deeply, so hopefully the earth will be able to absorb some of the runoff.  There may be some serious flooding, all the same.


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